The Future of Co-Working Space

The Future of Co-Working Space

CO-WORKING SPACE: How say you?

A great concept that has given a professional work environment for many small business’s and has allowed larger companies to expand without taking big expensive traditional office space. I personally think it has been invaluable to so many, including office landlords, small business, one man operations and others. They have helped cities across our nation fill un-occupied office space – the are a true disrupter. WeWork, the king of co-working has defaulted on some April rents to landlords. However, they gone on to say they have big plans to expand this summer and ” WeWork has the liquidity to navigate the challenges COVID-19 presents.” says the company.

Pay your rent or work out a plan I say. Now, once we “get passed” COVID-19 will co-working survive? will it be modified/reduced? The concept and business plan works. Large traditional class “A” office will I believe will a take a big beating going forward. We now realize we can telecommute and survive. Maybe we won’t do it 5 days a week but I believe we will see a change and some companies have already started thinking this way. I tend to believe “less is more” in most cases. So can we work with less office space? less drive time? I sure hope so.

In every challenge, every problem, every change we encounter look for a silver lining, a positive outcome. No question we have a long road ahead of us and a lot of hardships to face but let’s start thinking how we will change our lives for the better and how we all can do our small part to make this a better place for all.


Anthony Behar

Anthony Behar has been working for Major Properties since 2002. He specializes in the marketing of commercial and industrial real estate throughout the Downtown and adjacent Los Angeles areas, utilizing his ever-growing client base and professional experience to locate quality tenants and buyers for his exclusive listings. Anthony brings expertise in sales, acquisitions and tenant, landlord and buyer representation. He has sold or leased over one million square feet of space. He has been a consistent top performer, earning Major Properties’ President’s Award in 2005 and 2010 and Salesman of the Year award in 2007, 2009, 2014 and 2015.

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